Cheung Chau Island, Hong Kong- Part 2

Do you ever notice that how is the wave movement in sea?

Turbulent, Non stop movement, Wave after wave…..

How about water movement in deep-sea?

The fact is the deeper you go, you’ll experience more peaceful, serenity and calm of the sea water.

This is a great learning example, no matter how challenges is the outside environment, we must do our best to maintain peacefulness in our mind. 

My journey continued after I pay respect to Avalokitesvara Bodhisatvva in Cheung Chau Island.

This time, we followed the directional board to visit the mini Great Wall, this journey will take more than 1 hour.

Our biggest challenge is the superb hot sun,no moist in the air, very uncomfortable, sweating, tired, sun burn and others.

I still continue walking, the situation was like the wave and deep-sea. My mind was in peace even though my body was suffering.

I practice mindfulness through out my adventure journey on the mini great wall.

Not many tourist follow this path, only one couple in front of us… Very quiet and peaceful environment.

Through out the journey, you can discover the beauty of nature and also the beautiful rock  Remember to keep silent! Be 100% with yourself. Blend yourself with the nature!

What a great moment in life!

Let’s start the journey…….

A very refreshing flower, so red! So Alive!

Superb good sea view from uphill!

Our little friend, lovely butterfly at the rest area…. nice pose…. Normally, I’ll ask permission before taking their photos and for sure I’ll give my great prayer, “wishing them to relieve from suffering.”

Another living beings…..

Great view, Lama Island….. So beautiful!

Look like? spider?

Elephant Rock! What a beautiful crafting from nature…. Amazing!

Human head Rock. Be mindfulness you can see clearly!

Rock of sleeping cat……. Can you see it? A little bit block by the little plant….Be focus!

Beautiful Ripen fruit and it produce a great fragrance……The beauty of nature!

Fruits that benefit to other living beings… The cycle of food!

Yuk Shai shek… the last rock from the mini great wall. Now, we need to walk to the way back the original point under the super hot weather. A big challenge!

Beautiful greenery… So refreshing!

A special Potato chip…. Good try!

One of the signature bun in Cheng Chau. “Wishing you to have a safe and hassle free life.” With metta


10 responses to “Cheung Chau Island, Hong Kong- Part 2

  1. Thank you. I must remember to ask my flowers and creatures permission to photograph them. That is an excellent approach.

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