Photo courtesy from Sis Nicole.

Have you ever do any wrong doing in life?

Can you actually recall some of your wrong doing?

Do you feel guilty?

Are you regret on your actions?

How do you get rid of all negative feeling?

We are human, for sure we have done some wrong doing in past.

We shouldn’t punish and blame ourselves, the best way is to repent and move forward,  learn and vow never repeat.

I went for the “The great compassion repentance” on last Sunday.


My first experience in life!

The total ceremony took more than 3 hours.

We were chanting, kneel, bow and repent in full hearted for all our wrong doings.

I didn’t feel “Time passed” ,tired and pain in body as I am putting all my focus on repentance.

It was like my mind and body being cleanse. I felt peace and harmony.

The Great Compassion Repentance Service is based on the Great Compassion Mantra.

The full name of the Great Compassion Mantra literally means, “Thousand-arms and thousand-eyes Avalokitesvera Bodhisattva’s all embracing great compassion Dharani.”

We can find the strength of the compassionate vows of Avalokitesvera Bodhisattva to find peace within ourselves. We can learn to treat others with respect and humility, bringing peace and harmony to our families and society.

It was great!

Repentance is like a mirror of mind.

Take a first step now, to repent!

Do it often, you’ll feel the positive changes in your life.

May you be HAPPY and WELL!

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