As an ordinary people, we are so easily to be agitated by external circumstances, and caused our mind full of greed, hatred, delusion, arrogant and doubt.

As such, we need to continue learn & practice dharma teaching to tame the “Wild monkey” in our mind.

A great story sharing by Master Cheng Yen

Silver and Snakes

“There was one occasion where Buddha and his follower, Ananda, were walking on the road. All of a sudden, Buddha said: “Ananda, there are poisonous snakes!” Ananda thought that there were actually poisonous snakes, but after he had a look, it was in fact a pile of shiny silver. Nevertheless, Ananda answered: “Yes Master, there are poisonous snakes!” They turned a blind eye to it and kept walking.

Behind them, there were a father and son who overheard what Buddha and Ananda said about the snakes. Their curiosity was aroused and they went to have a look, “Wow! These are not poisonous snakes. This is a pile of shiny silver!

The father and son were very excited by what they saw. The father told his son, “Quickly, let’s take it home. We will make a fortune!” They happily went home with the silver and used it in the market.

Little did they know, the silver was stolen from the state treasury. The thieves wanted to hide the sliver for the moment until the heat dies down. They didn’t expect Buddha and Ananda to discover the spoil, let alone having it taken by the father and son.

In the city, the officials had already issued a warrant for the arrest of the burglars. The silver had the official seal of “State Currency” imprinted on it and since the father and son were seen using it in the market, they were charged with the offence of stealing from state treasury. So they were arrested and were even given a death sentence and finally led to the execution ground. When the father and son were about to be executed, the father sighed, “My son! They are truly poisonous snakes. We have now been bitten by them.”

The executor over heard them and thought it strange. He reported the incident to the King. The King thought that these words had deep meanings which were not thoughts from ordinary farmers, so he summoned them back. The King personally interrogated them and uncovered the full story. The King realized that the father and son simply picked up the sliver, not stealing it, so he set them free.

Greed determines whether our hearts are agitated or not by external circumstances. It is very difficult for ordinary people not to be affected by external circumstances.  Like the father and son who saw the pile of silver, how could they resist such temptation?

In contrast, Buddha and Ananda treated it as poisonous snakes. Not only were they not tempted by it, they avoided it by keeping a good distance. This is the difference between ordinary people and saints.”

Be mindfulness in every moment of our life. We need to constantly reminding ourselves to keep a BIG Distance from external environment which can cause Greed, hatred, delusion, arrogant and doubt in our mind.

As the saying goes: “Sex does not tempt people, people tempt themselves; Money is not harmful, people harm themselves.” A wise person will look at the temptations of wealth, sex, and fame lightly.

We are so fortunate to be born as human beings, we should function to benefit the masses, and to spread pure and great love.

This is the wisdom of bodhisattvas and the nature of Buddha!

May your wisdom life grow!


15 responses to “Wisdom

  1. Wonderful words. My Dad always said that wisdom was knowing the right thing to say – and not saying it. I don’t know if that saying agrees or disagrees with your post. I’ll have to think it over. TTFN

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