Selfless services

How do you spend your weekend?


Watching movie?

Chatting in cafe?

Gathering with friends?

Computer games?




Doing nothing at home!

Are you actually doing something you are contributing or benefits to others?

Have you ever think of giving your time and energy to help others?

“You will find, as you look back on your life, that the moments that stand out
are the moments when you have done things for others.”
 – Henry Drummond

Perhaps you can consider to bring cheers and happiness to children, old folk in charity homes.

They need our love despite of donation.

We’ve visited another charity homes last weekend.

It’s so blessed to see the innocent, pure and happy face from orphanages.

It’s so blessed to have the great opportunities to serve! How beautiful are the children!

Some of my colleague shed tears when they heard song performance from the little children, especially on

“Papa, mama, aunty, uncle, brother & sister, we love you.”

They don’t have father and mother.

Let’s us be their Father and mother, share with them on the great love, instill the goodness in their heart, so they can become a good person and spread goodness to the society.”

How meaningful!

Playing games with them! How wonderful experience! We are so happy to see their smiling faces!

Celebrating birthday with them! How grateful to see their genuine smile!

We also offered Indian Vegetarian lunch to them in order to cultivate “save the mother of earth”since young.

Each of us contribute to reduce 78o gram CO2 when we take a vegetarian meal.

The safety level of CO2 in the atmosphere is no more than 350ppm, and now we are at 387 ppm. It’s a critical situation, we are challenged not only to reduce carbon emissions, but also to remove large quantities of carbon gas already present in atmosphere.

Through tree planting, we are able to help but it’s too fast for us to chop a tree, and too slow to wait for the tree to grow.

The fastest method is through vegetarian diet.

If you are wonder why? Check out how aggressive is deforestation in Amazon rain forest in order to turn to “cattle ranching” to feed “MEAT” to mankind. The green lung in earth is gradually gone in order  to fulfill the DESIRE OF MANKIND, Sensory satisfaction to our “3 inches of throat”.

Vegetarian Indian Food buffet lunch. Sometimes, we might get some comments from people, ” Fast food or Serving meat= Love & Happiness to Children?” Is this true? Our idea or Children’s thinking? Who is the one to teach the children? Are they asking for meat-eating since born?
 Check out the medical journal to find out the truth.

Healthy vegetables! Good for health! Nice color combination!

Roti Canai- one of the must have food in Malaysia… Nice!

On the spot cooking- Vegetarian Char kuay teow (Fried Flat Noodles)

All finished, Roti Canai with Dhall…. Children loved it… Cheers!

Ais Kacang (ABC)….. Children’s favorite!

If you still doubt on whether “meat-free diet provide enough nutrients for growing children and youths?”.Please check it online. There are abundance scientific research and medical report.

With a little changes in your diet, you can help to leave behind a green environment to next generation!

How wonderful!

Take some of your precious time to help others!

YOU ARE THE ONE who get the most benefits from it. Gratitude to people who received our help!

They are open up our heart of compassion.

Experience it!

May you be happy and well!

14 responses to “Selfless services

  1. It has always been true that we receive what we give,
    give happiness, then receive happiness
    give love, then receive love
    so I hope more follow your path and give,
    rather than look to get for free

  2. Discovered the benefits of vegatarianism over 4 decades ago. My children were raised without meat and althought given the choice never ate meat. It is healthier for our human body as well as our Earthly body.
    This is an excellent article illuminating the benefits of healthy eating habits. Thank you posting this lijiun.

    • Hi! Bro,Thanks for your testimony! Need to convince more people on the benefits on vegetarian, not just for our health but to mother of earth. Let’s do it! Cheers!

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