Life take two?

Any “rewind button” in life?

Sometimes we might say, ” if I know earlier, I’ll……..”

Unfortunately no matter, how rich you are, you can’t BUY INFO on “I KNOW EARLIER”.

As such, No take TWO in life.

Every moment in life is so precious. There is no chance for us to rewind the history.

Live at the present moment!

There is a story on the a group of disciples pay a visit to their master and seek for wisdom.

The master bring them to an apple orchard, ask them to select the BIGGEST apple with one Chance and one way.

They are not allowed to turn back and only able to move forward.

The master waiting for them at the exit of the orchard.

The master asked : “Are you happy with your apple? Have you get the BIGGEST apple?

The disciple replied: “Master, can we have one more chance to choose the best apple, please. When we walked in the orchard, we thought we get the best apple but we discovered that, there are plenty of BEST apples near the exit.”

The master replied:” My dearest disciples, in life, there is no take TWO. Can you understand?

Live at NOW. Be grateful for every moment of your life”

What a beautiful story! Do your best in every second in life!

No more waiting as “No rewind” button in life. Don’t live in “Regret mode” later.









3 responses to “Life take two?

  1. I think life does not give us a rewind button, because for most of us, we would spend a lifetime trying to get the moment perfect, instead of enjoying the moments of our lives.

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