I am really respect and grateful to my mum for the determination to be a vegetarian.

She took meat for more than 60 years, she can give up due to the great love to my sister & I.

My mum shown a great example that a meat-eating habit can be totally changed.

Now, she get used to it and her face is showing “Radiance” & so “energetic”.

How about you? Can you also make a change in life?

I believe you are younger than my mum, even you are older than my mum……

She can do it… you can too..Let’s take a try.. It’s so simple.

Besides, her strong determination on continue learning how to cook vegetarian meal and she is sharing with others too on the benefits to be a vegetarian. This is also another great example that we can learn from her.

Never say “We learn enough, we know everything”. Treat everyday is a new day, every person is our teacher, every old habit can be changed. Nothing is permanent and nothing is impossible.

It’s all depend on you! You are the master of your destiny!

No more excuses, take action now to relieve great suffering from others beings.

I love the quote from Paul McCartney

If slaughterhouses had glass walls the whole world would be vegetarian.

Feel the pain of others, this will strengthen your determination to be a vegetarian.

May all beings be WELL and HAPPY!

My mum learned a new recipe on cooking the vegetarian “Unagi” (eel) bento … Is like REAL? How nice if you can learn to cook! An eel’s life can be saved!

Ingredients: Organic bean curd, Mash potatoes, seed weed, organic sesame,teriyaki sauces with Basmati rice. So yummy and healthy! Why we need to kill in order to satisfy our sensory pleasure?

My mum can take a strong determination to change her eating habit and continuously learning… I  am so proud of my mum! Can you try to change your diet to vegetarian too?


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