Seeds… How tiny is a seed!

A tree is growth from a seed! Amazing!

Have you ever wonder where is the BIG TREE originated from?

A Seed, right? No matter how small is the seed, with right condition, a giant tree is growth from the tiny seed.

This is similar to the good deeds we do, start from a seed of kindness and gradually our heart will blossom.

We are going to spread the kindness to surrounding, make the world a beautiful place to stay.

A story

Once upon a time, a poor lady was praying in the temple, she would like to give  dana (donation) to the Chief monk but she was so so poor, she has only USD $1.

Without any hesitation, She has given the USD$ 1 with pure and sincere heart to the chief monk.

The Chief monk, himself was conducted the blessing prayer for her.

Several years later, she was married to a rich man. She came back to the temple for donation, USD $10,000.

Her heart was no longer pure and sincere instead she wanted something back as return.

The chief monk sent his disciple to conduct the blessing prayer.

The lady asked: “WHY, I am giving you so much donation but you are not conducting the blessing prayer for me?”

The chief monk answered: ” Irrelevant of the amount of donation, the most important is your PURE and sincere heart with nothing in return, your prayer is not only benefit to yourself but all living beings”

As such, plant the good seed with pure and sincere heart without demanding any thing in return, always remember we are not doing business (Return on investment), when we give our donation or help to others.

No matter how small is the good deeds, like a smile, a thank you, a kind wishes, help elderly to cross the road, pick up a rubbish, and others, we MUST Do it as a start, with gratitude.

Always remember a tree is growth from a seed and we can influence the environment with just a seed of kind thought!

Let’s do it! May your seed of kindness be blossom!










6 responses to “Seed!

  1. Seeds are potential, which if cared for will grow into abundance, but if harmed become like a wasteland, barren and fruitless.

  2. your sincerity, compassion, and love for all life shine through your words. thank you for making the world a better place. every person your posts on this blog touch are like a new branch, sprouting out from the tree that has grown up from the seed of your kindness and wisdom.

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