Yummy Donuts

Do you ever calculate how many hours actually we spend in office?

Minimum: 8 hours, sometimes when we are rushing for project or deadlines, we might work more than 8 hours.

If we based on 8 hours, we are spending one-third of our day for office work.

We might spend more time with our colleagues as compared to our family members, friends, lovely pet and…

We need to cultivate loving kindness to our colleagues, and try our best to treat the like brothers and sisters.

Say NO to Office politics and gossiping.

It’s really unhealthy and also bring negative impact to our working environment.

How can we work if we see all our colleagues are our enemies? How do you feel?






Bad thoughts to get rid of your colleagues?




Extremely worst right? Your colleagues will feel the same too.

Life is too short, not worth to spend time on all this negative emotions.

I am truly Blessed that I am working in a very friendly environment, colleagues are just like brothers and sisters.

Last Friday, my colleague brought Malay style home cook donuts to office to treat us after I gave my great compliment to her on Thursday. I just mentioned that: ” Sis, I heard you can make the best donut in town. How wonderful if you can make some for us to try!.”

She is willingly to sacrifice her sleeping time in order to wake up early to make the donuts. So, we can enjoy the fresh donuts.

What a beautiful thought!

Yummy & nice donuts… Most important, “The beautiful thought”

I am so “touched”, my great appreciation and gratitude to her.

A simple gesture that can warm people’s heart.

You can do it  and make a difference too.

Do our best to cultivate positive working environment!

So, we can enjoy the working life and bring happiness to others!

How beautiful!

6 responses to “Yummy Donuts

  1. You reminded me of when our grandmother would visit and make cookie donuts. The treat was adding sugar to them and they looked much like your friend’s creation and were very delicious.

  2. Don’t work in an office, rarely eat donuts (do like them) , but do think the idea of spreading cheer whenever possible a noble one! very uplifting…

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