A gift from nature!

We’ve discovered Red Cock’s Comb Flower (miniature) in our garden.

We never plant it.

It’s a gift from nature!

A gift from nature… So beautiful!

WOW! So beautiful!

A gift from nature! Blessing!

Little white was with me this morning… He wanted to take some photo shot too… hehe! Lovely cat!

Besides, we’ve a beautiful vibrant green plant at home and the best part is we never plant it ……

A gift from nature too…. It’s looked so refreshing and recently the yellow flower is blossom.

So nice!

What a beautiful green plant! Truly HAPPY!

What a beautiful leaves! So alive!

Beautiful yellow flower! Blissful day!

Moreover, another lovely plant in our garden, we are unsure what is it now as we never plant it…..

A gift from nature too……

It’s truly beautiful!

I’ll share with you again.

What a beautiful plant! “LOVE Shape” Leaves…So green & alive!

Count our blessing every moment in life!

Once we practicing Loving kindness, mindfulness, you will discover more on “WHAT A BEAUTIFUL WORLD” and “WE ARE BLESSED”.

Nature LOVE Us! Share your great LOVE with nature….

Nature LOVE Us, SHOW Your ACTION to love NATURE too.

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