Ripening rice

Rice is the grain of life for Asian people.

Have you ever see any of the paddy field?

The ripening rice….

Photo courtesy from sister Nicole

The ripening rice will bend itself to as low as possible as the weight of grain is so heavy…

No matter how rich, how high designation, how knowledgeable, how well educated, how clever, how smart, how intelligent, we must be HUMBLE.

See the ripening rice, it’ll bend lower and lower when the time nearer to harvesting time.

It apply the same in our life, we should be more humble when we go wiser, then we’ll gain more wisdom in our life.

Imagine a full glass of water; we can never pour any water in it, the water will spill out….

If we behave arrogant, egoistic, this is the END OF OUR LEARNING PROCESS.

We’ll never improve for our life anymore.

We can’t be keep saying, “I KNOW, I KNOW”… For sure, we don’t know everything in life…

Think about it!

When I were in standard six, we love to write best wishes to our classmate.  I still can remember what I wrote.

“谦受益, 满招损”

“ Be humble, will bring benefits in life and Be arrogant will bring disadvantages in life”.

I can truly understand the meaning now. There is always a link on what we are doing. Amazing!

“When Three people travel together, one of them must be MY teacher.” by Confucius

Have a humble day!

24 responses to “Ripening rice

  1. Thanks for planting seeds for peace. Just started to read some of your blog posts. Glue! was a good reminder how suffering touches the most innocent. Am visiting Thailand where Buddha’s teachings are reflected in the sweet nature of many people. Your well-written stories are pointers to Truth – thanks! And thanks for visiting my blog…shanti…

  2. What a gorgeous photo and I love the connections you make to humility. Beautiful post. Thank you for this as well as visiting my site.

  3. When I read this I felt as though I was guilty of arrogance.
    I like the : Imagine a full glass of water; we can never pour any water in it, the water will spill out….
    Is that a buddist quote or your own thought?

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