You want or I want

Your taste or my taste? Your want or I want?

Ask yourself a simple question

When you are cooking food or making a drink for your family members or friends, how do you cook?

Based on your personal requirement or you’ll check on other on their preferences, e.g. whether they can take sweet, sour, bitter or any special request?

Normally, most of us will do in “MY”, “I”, “MINE” best way.

We think this is the BEST Food/ Drink for others based on “MY” perception.

We assume “YOU WANT” is same as “I WANT” BUT in reality it’s not.

In our daily life, whenever we make any decision, if we can think about others, we can cultivate “Harmony” and “peaceful” environment.

Put ourselves in other shoes before we say anything, do anything, this can help us to get more friends than enemies in life and definitely can help to avoid any conflict.

Most important, when we Let go “I”, “My”, “Mine”, we are starting a journey of “metta” to others.

A positive lifestyle, Think of others, then only “I”!

What a beautiful life!

with metta


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