Priority in life! Life is too short to regret! Live at NOW!

Have you experience

Whenever you invite people for concert, movie, lunch, dinner, outing and others pleasure activity? How is the response?

Positive, excited and they will say YES.

How about if you invite them for a Dharma Class, Spiritual talk, Health talk and other topic about life? How is the response?

Excuses…. I am not free, I am engaged with……, I am Busy……, and I got appointment……

Many more excuses…..

Below is the story sharing by Ajahn Brahm

There was a lecturer at a university who was showing just how broad his wisdom was, and instead of reading out his lecture notes one morning, he came with a big jar and put it on his desk. And while everybody in his class was wondering what he was up to, he started to put in some stones from a bag, one by one, into the jar until he could get no more in. And once he could get no more stones into his jar, he asked his class ‘Is the jar full?’ and the class said, ‘Yes, it is.’

He smiled, and from under the desk he got out another bag, and that bag was full of gravel, small stones and one by one he managed to fit those small stones in the spaces between the big rocks. And once he could get no more small stones in, he looked up at his class and asked ‘Is the jar full?’ Now they all shook their heads and said, ‘No’. They were on to him by now. And so he smiled and got another bag, of sand. He poured that sand on top of the big rocks and small rocks shook the jar, much of the sand went into the spaces between the big rocks and small rocks. After he could get no more sand in, he asked once more, ‘Is the jar full?’ And gain the class said ‘No’. And he got some water and poured that in. And after he could get no more water in, he stopped; he asked the class, ‘What am I trying to prove? What is the purpose of this demonstration?’

Now this was a business school, so one of the students in the class put up their hand and said, ‘Sir, it shows to us that no matter how busy our schedule, we can always fit something more in.’ And he said, ‘No, no, no, that’s not what I’m trying to show. What I’m trying to show is if you want to fit the big rocks in, you have to fit them in first. Don’t leave them to the last, otherwise you will never get them in.’ it was a story about priorities, what you should really fit in to your schedule of your day, of your life first of all.

So there are some things which many people realise are the precious stones, the big rocks of their life, like their family, like their relationships, like their peace of mind, whatever it is, and sometimes we leave them till last in our day, in our week, in our life, we find we never have the opportunity to fit them in. And that’s one of the reasons why people don’t find happiness. Their priorities are not correct. We should always remember that story of the stones in the jar, and put into our life what’s very, very important first of all. The other things you can always fit in, but later.

Do put your priority to spiritual path which can benefit you not only this life and many lives to come. It’s too precious to have a human body to practise and learn dharma.

Remember that when we come to this life, we bring nothing and we say goodbye, we’ll never ever bring anything away except our karma.

Put priority to whatever you want to do now.

Life is too short for any regret!

Treasure the moment NOW!

May your wisdom life grow!

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