An Intelligent cat


Can you see him? Be mindfulness! Next to the lady in black. He joined us for the dharma class. Amazing!

An intelligent cat in Buddhist Maha Vihara temple. He joined us for the dharma class.

Can you actually see him in the picture?

Tonight, to our surprise, he even asked my sister to on the tap water, for him to drink water and also wash his face.

The weather is so hot lately.

Yeah… Running water, so refreshing…Unbelievable act!

I am satisfied! So fresh & I am not thirsty anymore…..Thank you!

See how intelligent I am! 

All livings beings have Buddha Nature.

Please Love them, Protect Them and Not KILL/ EAT them.

“Have compassion to all beings, rich and poor alike;each has their suffering.

Some suffers too much, others too little.”

By Buddha


10 responses to “An Intelligent cat

  1. Your post resonates with my plea in my most recent post, for people to stop buying products that are tested on animals, and I give links to help people to make the correct choices.
    This is a beautiful post, thank you so very much. I am happy.

  2. I am very glad and touched by the story!! It is very precious for the cat to be able to believe in Buddha and attend the services. Though I am having slight difficulty locating the cat in the photo =P Is the cat beside a lady in black with a big black bag, sitting behind another woman in red???

  3. I had a book when I was a child which was about Buddha blessing all the animals which appeared in a beautiful scroll. The cat however did not appear, and he was so sad he starved himself. In the end Buddha gave him a special blessing and he appeared in the scroll just before he died. It was a very sad story with beautiful delicate drawings of animals. I wish I could find a copy of it now.

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