Have a Good Day!

Beautiful flowers in garden….. so refreshing!

Brinjal – beautiful to see and nice to eat… Great to plant in garden!

What are you going to plant in your garden?

Flowers, Fruits, Beautiful trees, Vegetables, herbs, plant which can benefits to living beings…

A beautiful garden will attract a lot of beautiful living creatures, butterflies, bees, dragon-fly, ants, birds…

So refreshing! So nice!

To plant thorny plant at home, to harm or hurt people. Do you want to plant it?

Do you consider to plant thorny plant, poison plant?

To hurt and harm people. I believed the answer is NO.

Our heart is just like a garden.

We want to plant beautiful flowers, vegetables like good thought and good deeds in our heart.

I am sure we don’t want to get thorny plant which can harm people, just like our bad thought or intention which we want to harm others living beings.

Good heart will attract all good living beings just like butterflies, bees in our garden.

Bad Heart will attract a bad companion. 

Plant more good seeds in our heart & we must take good care, so it can grow.

Today, I attended a Dharma Class by Ven.S. Pemaratana, he taught us to practice the below best wishes every morning just after we wake up. This can help to grow the kindness in our heart.

1. May today the good day to me.

2. May today the good day to my family, friends, colleagues and anybody I know.

3. May Today the good day to everybody.

4. May today the good day to all living beings.

We must practise with our sincere and genuine heart. It’ll only take about 2 minutes.

You’ll start your GOOD DAY and others too.

Simple, right?

Let’s practice and spread the loving kindness! Have more good-hearted people in our society.

Make this world a Great Place to stay!

Have a GOOD DAY!






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