Helping hand!

Have you ever complain that

your bed is not comfortable?

your room is not BIG enough?

your room is too warm or to hot?

your mattress is too hard or too soft?

your bed sheet is too dirty?


Comfortable bed?

Any more complain in life? Please help whenever you can…. They need our LOVE!

I was “SHOCKED” when I went for a charity home visit today. This is the bed room for more than 15 boys…

My heart is “bleeding”…

I just can’t imagine how challenge is the Orphan’s life to live in such environment!

How blessed we are!

We must appreciate the great opportunity given to help others.

You’ll notice that your life perspective is changing, softening your heart, cultivate compassion and great love…Gradually, less complain in your life, More gratitude, generosity and your SMILE deep from your heart whenever you can help others.

How wonderful! Our deep gratitude to those people who allow us to help them.

We work on ourselves in order to help others, but also we help others in order to work on ourselves.

By Pema Chodron

As mentioned by Dalai Lama, our prime purpose of life is to help others.

Always get ready our HELPING Hand!

May you be blessed for your kindness!









13 responses to “Helping hand!

  1. This is so sad. I have seen that kind of poverty in our area. I visited the home of a migrant farm worker family. They lived with 3 other families in a 12X16 foot mobile home. Four of the five rooms housed a large family, and the fifth room was a bathroom shared by all. The mother was sick and couldn’t work in the field so she didn’t get to eat at the community kitchen. So the family had a small hotplate. We sat on the only piece of furniture – a small bed, and read to the children briefly. The mother gave us each an orange to thank us for coming. I never felt so humbled.

    • sis, Count our blessing! Grab the great opportunities to help so we can learn & move forward. We should thank the person we received our help. Have a beautiful day! Cheers!

  2. I have seen much worse.
    Thank you for reminding me to get back in touch with the Dalai Lama. Since I deactivated my FB account, I no longer get his messages. I must hear from him.

  3. Your posts every day remind me of my true purpose–to bless others in my heart, words, and actions. Thank you, dear friend. The plight of so many people on this planet goes unseen, unheard by so many of us who complain about silly things. Those boys deserve so much more–a bright future, lots of love, and a good education. My blessings to you and to them.

    • Thanks, sis. Let’s give our helping hand whenever is needed. It’s so blessed to give rather than receive. May you be Well & Happy!

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