Have an awake day!

What action are you going to take when you are facing a robber?

You’ll defend & do your best to save your life, RIGHT?

How about your mind?

Who is disturbing your peacefulness?

YOUR THOUGHT-Working extremely hard from the past to future or future to the past.

The thought steal your peacefulness…. Take action, just like when you are facing a robber.

Be at NOW, always in peace & calm.

When you are fully awake, you can see thing that others’ can’t see.

Every night, on the way home, I’ll pass by a residential area, there is a beautiful tree turn to FULL YELLOW color. It’s extremely beautiful.

Beautiful Yellow Tree… U’ll miss it, if you are not at NOW! Treasure every moment in life!

I stopped my car one day, to look at the tree, admiring the beauty of nature and also take photo.

I met with an old uncle who is jogging, he asked me: “What are you doing? Anything?”

I said: “Uncle, a very beautiful YELLOW tree. Have you seen it?”

He replied: “No, I jog here every day, I didn’t notice at all. Thank you for sharing”

What I can learn from this simple incident, we must be Mindfulness in every moment of our life.

Nothing is more important than “Living at NOW” and appreciate the beauty of life.

Have an Awake day!

5 responses to “Have an awake day!

  1. I like the metaphor of the robber– a negative or wandering “not-being-present” thought warrants immediate attention and correction. And, just as you did with Uncle, we can offer present-ness and gratitude for others to generate for themselves, too. Another inspiring post!

  2. ps…it just occurred to me…I would protect myself from a robber or from harm…but even more so would I protect my “only child”…( I’m very protective of my own daughter…our only child)… maybe if I see my own “mind” as what the Buddha said about seeing others…. “a mother’s beloved only child”…then I might really protect it even more…with an energy that I might not access otherwise…I might try this…more protective energy would be helpful…thanks for your springboard of that idea….

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