New Moon!

A cycle of moon is same as a cycle of us! Think about it!

*Photo courtesy from Brother Patrick Lim

Today is a NEW moon day.

It’s so great to observe the full cycle of moon, from new moon, quarter moon, half-moon to full moon.

It’s just like our cycle of life.

There is no moonlight in new moon day, is similar to our downturn in life.

When there is a full moon day, is similar to our success/ full achievement in life.

Whether there is up or down in our life, we need to ACCEPT it without disturbing our inner peace.

Hard to achieve?

We can make it possible by  purifying our mind, from a disturb mind to a peace/ calm mind throughout our dharma learning.

Share with you on a story.

A grandma who is short-tempered has practise Buddhism for a long time and she is so dedicated on chanting.

One day, her neighbour want to know whether the grandma has let go her short-tempered throughout the practice.

She disturbed the grandma during her chanting by calling “Grandma, Grandma…”

Initially, Grandma just ignored her calling and continue chanting.

She never give up, continue calling and raise up her voice, “Grandma, Grandma…..”

This time, Grandma being irritated, She Chanted more loudly with a bit of anger.

Her neighbour continuously calling her name with Louder voice.

Grandma just can’t stand anymore, she stood up and walk out to the garden, she asked her neighbour with anger: “Why are you disturbing my practice?”

The neighbour answered,” Grandma, you are so angry. I just called you several times, how about you? You chanted with your anger tone for many years.  How’s Buddha reaction?”

The moral of the story, We need to transform & purify ourself, not blindly by continuously chanting with an anger, with condition (ask for something), with greed, hatred ,Delusion, arrogant and doubt mind. 

Of course, we can get merit but very small merit.

The best way to do chanting is through a pure and genuine mind, without any condition.

How to achieve the pure and genuine mind?

Through continuously self purification! 

Let’s be a role model in our community, show them on our transformation from self-centered to selfless people, show them the beauty of generosity, compassion, wisdom and gratitude. 

Start from ourself now!








7 responses to “New Moon!

  1. Don’t look yet, I haven’t written the post yet, but I am nominating you for the One Lovely blog award. Thanks for inspiring me. I love both your photos and your advice.

  2. New moon in Celtic society means rebirth. A good time to make plans and follow them through.

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