Meat Free Day- 15th June 2012

Yummy BBQ Vegetarian lunch box! Superb nice!

* Special thanks to Sis Nicole & Jennifer for the beautiful photo!

Chinese Vegetarian cuisine- Bean curd


Vegetarian Chinese cuisine, Look yummy!








Today is 15th June 2012.

We are running meat free day in 15th of every month in our company.

The result was encouraging, 140 persons joined our activity, double no of people compare to the 1st month.

It’s proven that the seed of kindness can start from you and me; this can spread to many peoples.

Show you the Fact on the collective effort:

Total Co2 Saving: 780 g X 140 peoples= 109,980g  

Today, we’ve planted 5 Mature Trees (a year),

The tree in turn releases enough oxygen for 10 human beings (a year).

*No meat for 1 meal= 780 g of Co2 reduction

The Colorado Tree Coalition claims that a mature tree (>40 years) can absorb CO2 at a rate of 21.8 kg/year.

The tree in turn releases enough oxygen to sustain 2 human beings.

You can make a difference.

It’s easy by just taking vegetarian diet; we can save our mother earth. How amazing!

I do hope you can be the change leader in your family, friends, and company and take this simple step to save our carbon footprint. Let’s do it together as collective effort!

I would like to share with you on 2 beautiful quotes:

“A person who sows seed of kindness enjoys a perpetual harvest.”


Do you wish the world were happy?
Then remember day-by-day
Just to scatter seeds of kindness
as you pass along the way . . .. ”


By Ella Wheeler Wilcox




14 responses to “Meat Free Day- 15th June 2012

  1. Another great post and beautiful thoughts.
    I’m a pescatarian (fish eater) but won’t eat farmed fish, only wild caught and local, as available.
    Food brings people together, especially good and nourishing food.

  2. Nice food. For a complete satisfaction, let me offer you:

    A Glass Of Wine

    ‘What’s in a glass of wine?’
    There, set the glass where I can look within.
    Now listen to me, friend, while I begin
    And tell you what I see-
    What I behold with my far-reaching eyes,
    And what I know to be
    Below the laughing bubbles that arise
    Within this glass of wine.
    There is a little spirit, night and day,
    That cries one word, for ever and alway:
    That single word is ‘More!’
    And whoso drinks a glass of wine, drinks him:
    You fill the goblet full unto the brim,
    And strive to silence him.

    Glass after glass you drain to quench his thirst,
    Each glass contains a spirit like the first;
    And all their voices cry
    Until they shriek and clamor, howl and rave,
    And shout ‘More!’ noisily,
    Till welcome death prepares the drunkard’s grave,
    And stills the imps that rave.

    That see I in the wine:
    And tears so many that I cannot guess;
    And all these drops are labelled with ‘Distress.’
    I know you cannot see.
    And at the bottom are the dregs of shame:
    Oh! it is plain to me.
    And there are woes too terrible to name:
    Now drink your glass of wine.
    – by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

  3. Thank you for the idea of organizing a meat free day. It spreads compassion as well as reaching those who are only looking at the environmental aspects. May you always be my teacher.

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