Observe our fingers? Same length?

Do you notice that our finger length is all different?

Half moon… Still look “perfect & Beautiful” All depend on your mind.

Photo courtesy from Brother Patrick Lim.

Do you notice that there is full moon, half moon, quarter moon and…..?

The beauty of yellow leaf… Look perfect too!

Do you notice there is mixture color (yellow, brown, light green, green…) of leaves on the tree?

Do you notice the human’s size is also difference? Tall, short, thin, fat, petite….

Form these examples; we know well that nothing is perfect in the world.

Why are we still spend great time and money to look for Perfect “stuffs”, “scenario”, “Friends”, “Partner”, “event”, “Painting”, “house”, “Furniture”, “car”, “garden”, “Result” and others?

It’ll bring more suffering to you if you can’t meet your request on “Perfection”.

If you are PERFECT, you’ll look at everything in this world is PERFECT and BEAUTIFUL.

It’s all depend on your mind and your perception.

Save your time & money, to do more charity work instead of looking for “Perfection”.

It’ll bring more HAPPINESS to your life and you can also share your HAPPINESS with others.

Make this world a beautiful place to stay! More smiling faces!

Smile Always! Cheers!


4 responses to “Perfect!

  1. I have wondered how I came to have the skill of observation, I think it is through watching nature and people.

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