Nature is our great master.

We can observe nature and learn a lot of life theory from Nature.

Do you notice that after windy day, a lot of tree branches will fall down?


No flexibility and adaptability. They are not able to bend or to move by following the direction of wind.

No matter how windy, the weed can survive well as it’ll bend by following the direction of wind!

Learn from the spirit of weed, be a well rounded person!

Check out the “Weeds” “Lalang in Malay Language”. They can ready survive well even though after a severe thunder storm.


They are flexible! Look at their movement. They can bend easily! Not against the direction of wind.

In life, we can learn from “Weeds” for the strong survival spirit, bend ourselves, adapt to the environment, listen more and talk less. No matter how great the pressure or challenges we are facing, we can survived well as long as we remember to “Bend” ourselves.

Apply the “weed’s spirit”, when we are working with others or handling situations. Sometimes, we might so much insist on our opinion or “Winning” and create unpleasant situation.  We must learn to drop the idea on” I win and others lose.”

Never mind if other no taking our “comment or opinion”, as long as we already shared and voice out. We do our best, no regret and nothing we should worry. 

Now, is up to the people whether they want to “Listen” or not. The choice is on their hand.

Be a “well rounded person” like “weed’s spirit” and bring HARMONY and strength to survive no matter in what types of challenges scenario.







3 responses to “Weed!

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  2. In my front garden we have poppies, and when it is becoming dark they close up to protect themselves. I am always in admiration of nature, it is my great teacher, my inspiration and a source of contentment.

    Your blog has changed? I like it.

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