Are you familiar with the below conversation?

I am going to do the below in ONE OF THESE DAY, WHEN I AM RETIRED or WHEN I AM FREE:

  1. To learn Dharma
  2. To practice Dharma
  3. Charity work
  4. Reading
  5. Travel
  6. Service to others
  7. Meditation
  8. New skills
  9. Vacation
  10. Others….

We are always assuming we can live really long in this life.  Everything is permanence!

And the best thing we always believe that The Future is awaiting for us….

Just flip through the newspaper, how many young people is dying, check out the obituary column.

We can understand about life better. 




A story by Ajahn Brahm

A professor went for a vacation in Caribbean. It was a perfect holiday.  Early morning, He had a walk in the beautiful beach. He saw the fisherman came back with “Catch” in his boat.  He approached the fishermen and started a conversion.

The professor asked: “Have you finished your job for the day?”

Fishermen answered: “Yup, I’ll deliver the “Today’s catch” to the market and I’ll go home to have breakfast with my lovely wife. Then, spend time with my children and send them to school. Later, I’ll take a nap, then “Happy Hours” with my friends and dinner with my lovely family. Have a sound sleep. Then, go to work again. What a beautiful life!”

The professor: “oh…. What wastage! It’s not productive at all. You are not maximizing the Return of Investment (ROI) on your boat. You are only using for once a day. You should go out at least 2 times per day. You can double up your income.  With this, you can buy more boat and recruit more people to expand your business.  The money growth, you can also set up a company and… earn more MONEY and become RICH ………..”

 Fishermen: “What should I do with my money?”

The professor: “You can have a good life then… More relaxing.…more Freedom. Have breakfast with your wife; spend great time with your children, Happy Hour with your friends….. What a fantastic lifestyle! Life is great!”

 Fishermen: “This is actually what I am doing now.”

A Simple story but it’s a TRUE FACT.

What are we waiting for? Plan for Future?

Do it right! Do it now!



4 responses to “Future?

  1. Very true in the end the ultimate goal in life is to have happy time with our love ones. The more we earn the more material wants we look for? Hence more stress and greed. 😦

    We must learn to tell ourself enough means enough. Of course every individual has different target. The lesser we need the faster we can achieved. High position or big title is no longer the core need in life at this moment in time. We are looking for Freedom and Happinest in Life.

  2. “This is actually what I am doing NOW” how ironic, it is NOW that is the important, a simple and happy life, future? Can you see it thru?

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