Buddha Bathing Grand Ceremony (Tzu Chi)

This morning, we went for Global Tzu Chi day (46th anniversary) and also Buddha Bathing Ceremony in Stadium Bola Sepak, Kuala Lumpur. This was our first experience.

We arrived at 6:45 am. Really amazed by how organized was the bus parking..  perhaps more than 100 buses. Fantastic planning!

Approximately more than 10,000 participants. No issue to look for car park too. Our greatest appreciation to Tzu Chi’s volunteers.

A total of Three meaningful occasions for TODAY,

Buddha Day: “the field of reverence”, Gratitude to Sakyamuni Buddha for His Teaching

Mother’s Day: “the field of gratitude” to Parent, to bring filial piety to mother.

Tzu Chi Day:  “the field of compassion”, to give ourselves to help others.

My experience:

I took a few photos before the ceremony as no photo taking is allowed during the event.

1. Participants involved in the Buddha Bathing Grand Ceremony-Organized, Silence (no talking while waiting), full of faith & determination. 

All ready in early morning! How organized!

Can you guess how many people is in the photo? They are silent before the event. Amazing! Full of faith and determination!

2. Many people participated in the Buddha Bathing Grand Ceremony in the field and they’ve performed the  formation, e.g Bodhi leaves and……. we didn’t get a chance to see too as we can only see the person’s movement from our seat.

I am happy to share with you that I am able to search the formation photos from:



It was so beautiful, consisted of Bodhi leaves, TC46 (Tzu Chi 46 Anniversary) & Lotus flower.

Amazing! Superb Nice!

Another angle….

Participants consist of all walk of life; children, students, teenagers, mother, adult, elderly…Waiting patiently for the ceremony……and there was no crying from children. So peaceful!

3. All living beings have Buddha nature.

A lot birds joined us for the ceremony. Amazing! Love them, Don’t EAT them.

Take action, Be a Vegetarian!

A lot birds joined us for the ceremony… they are flying on the sky…..

Little bird is joining the ceremony. He stood tall on the flag pole! Amazing!

Can you see them?

All living beings have Buddha Nature! Love them!

4. Public session Buddha Bathing Ceremony

After the grand ceremony, it was public session Buddha Bathing Ceremony. Clear instruction from Tzu Chi’s volunteers. The general public also very discipline. How beautiful!

We went forward to the altar to pay our respect to the Buddha by “touching the Buddha’s feet” and “picking up a piece of flower”.

The act of touching the Buddha’s feet is meant to remind us to rid ourselves of arrogance and to be humble; The act of picking up a piece of flower, signifies that we have picked up the Buddha’s virtues.

Public session Buddha Bathing Ceremony… Also organized! The beauty of human spirit!

“Touching the Buddha’s feet” and “Picking up a piece of flower”.

We pray for

1. A purified mind

2. Harmony in Society

3. The world Free from disasters. This is really crucial now.

Let’s Pray together now!  We can make a difference!

For more info, please access to:



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