Everyday is Mother’s day!

There are No words can describe this photo! A mother and son!

My greatest gratitude to the Unknown photographer. I received this touching photo through email.

A small child know how to Filial to his mother.

How about us?

Are we doing enough for our parent?

Are we giving enough “LOVE” to our parent?

Are we spending enough “TIME” with them?

Are we “CARE” enough?

To me, Mother’s Day celebration is not only on 2nd Sunday of May. It should be EVERYDAY.

According to Master Cheng Yen, Filial Piety is one of the most important thing we must do it now while our parent are still around.

Don’t do “A Show” in their funeral to show our “Filial piety”. It is too late!

Regret is the biggest Punishment in life!

Share with you a few good quotes:

The kindness of Parent

“There is nothing like the love of a mother and father. Parents endure great hardship for us and provide everything we need. They raise us and teach us all life’s essential. Their care and attention cannot be compared with anything else. How ungrateful and callous not to repay their kindness!”

by His Holiness 17th Gwalwang Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje

“The most terrible poverty is loneliness and the feeling of being unloved”

by Mother Teresa

If you bring your lovely mum out for Mother’s day celebration, think twice on the food that you are going to order.

There is also parental love in animals.

When we are enjoying our meal happily, think about how SORROW/ SAD/ Heart Broken of this little animals when they know their “MUM” is being killed. Put yourself in their shoes!

How do you feel?

The beautiful mother of earth is our home, human and animals live together in Harmony & peace.

Remember we share the same Air, Water, Sun, Moon, Soil, plant, food and others.

Let’s celebrate Everyday is Mother’s day for all LIVING CREATURES!

Share our GREAT LOVE!

4 responses to “Everyday is Mother’s day!

  1. Fantastic thoughts… I completely agree with you… I also had the same thought… Why should we celebrate Mother’s day only once a year. Everyday should be mother’s day. Enjoyed that pic… very thoughtful.

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