The weeping Water Buffalo!

According to the news release from China’s People’s News (16 Apr, 2011), whether people believe it or not, this incident actually happened in Hong Kong. The Weekly World News reported that a group of workers were bringing a water buffalo into a packaging factory, ready to slaughter it to make steak and beef stew.

When they approached the front door of the slaughterhouse, the sorrowful buffalo suddenly stood still, refusing to move forward, kneeling on its two front knees, and with tears streaming from its eyes.

The buffalo standing still, sad and frightened to tears. How pitiful!

How could the buffalo have already been aware that it was going to be slaughtered, before entering the slaughterhouse? This shows that it was even more alert than many a person. “When I saw what is believed to be a stupid animal actually crying, and when I noticed that its eyes were full of fear and sadness, I could not help but shiver.” Extremely shocked by this, butcher Shiu Tat-Nin recalled: “I quickly called other people to come see, and they were as surprised as I was! We pushed and pulled the water buffalo, but it would not move; it just sat there crying constantly.” Billy Fong, the boss of the Hong Kong packaging plant said, “Mankind has always thought that animals are not like people who can cry, but this buffalo is really sobbing like a baby!”

Look at his eyes… How sorrow! Non stop weeping!
Please don’t EAT me… Help me, please! please……

At that time there were at least a dozen strong, burly men present, but their hearts were softened by the buffalo’s crying, and those who were responsible for killing water buffaloes were even more touched by this, tears welling out of their eyes.

When workers from other slaughterhouses heard the news, they also ran to the crying and kneeling buffalo, and the site was soon crowded with people who were astonished at what they saw.  Three of them were so shocked that they said that from now on, even when they slaughter other kinds of animals, they will never forget that buffalo’s tears.

At the point when a buffalo is crying and people are crying as well, we can all be sure that none of them will kill the buffalo now. Then the question was how to take care of this matter. Finally, they decided to buy the water buffalo with cash, and then they sent it to a Buddhist temple, for the monastic to take good care of it, so that it could be assured of living out its life peacefully. When this decision was made, an amazing thing happened again: “When there was an assurance that the buffalo would not be killed, it finally agreed to move, got up, and it’s here with us.” How could a water buffalo understand human word?

Shiu said: “Whether you believe it or not, this is really true, although it sounds really incredible.” Undoubtedly, this buffalo has changed the lives of these butchers.

My greatest gratitude to the unknown English translator and also photographer for such a great touching story.  I received this touching story through email.

Please access to Mandarin copy 

Is it “Touching your heart”? 

Are you weeping now?

Animals are same as human, they are fear of “Death” and definitely they can feel the “PAIN”.

I believe, you can understand WHY many people go for VEGETARIAN diet.

Think about this “Weeping Buffalo” when you eat any “meat” in future.

Your helping hand & great love is needed to STOP the sorrow of animals! Please LOVE them.

“Everyone is born with an innate buddha-nature, and everyone has love in their heart. When that love is awakened, people will naturally want to reach out to give to others. A heart full of love is the most beautiful thing in the world.”

by Master Cheng Yen, Tzu Chi.



36 responses to “The weeping Water Buffalo!

    • Thank you for presenting this heart felt storty. It’s time human beings realize it is not necessary to eat them to survive. It would be good for the Earth, the animals, and human beings.

  1. What a load of tosh. Even if the buffalo stopped, it wasn’t crying – it probably had a bit of hay in its eye or something, and as for the burly abbatoir workers breaking down in tears, that’s got to be complete rubbish.

  2. Humans would die of a lonely spirit without the animals. Yes! Animals feel emotions. This is true. Write everywhere and to anyone that can help relieve the suffering of animals.

  3. Reblogged this on Optimystic Living and commented:
    I go on and on to my daughter and my husband and anyone else who will listen that not only do gingers have souls, but so do other animals, and plants, and rocks, and the air, and water, and fire and stars…but immediately evident are the animals. Please take a moment to read this and remember that when you eat, you are taking a life, so be grateful for that life, for that becomes a part of you.

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  5. I reblogged this post as I believe animals do feel as we do and aside from two kinds of animals I do not eat them. The cruelty that suffer at the hand of man is unthinkable and breaks my heart. Thank you for posting this. As I said before, I love your blog!

  6. Whether this is true or not, it’s enough to make me give up meat. Don’t eat much now, but this put me over the edge. Animals have feelings and are living things, and ever since I was a child, it always felt wrong to kill them for food. It’s their world too. Just wrong.

  7. There is little difference between the emotions, suffering and pain that we humans feel and those that the other animals feel. It’s about time that the world woke up – animals are neither machines, commodities or resources. Tears mean the same thing in all languages.

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