Great Reminder from a little bird!

Some people are very keen on asking the “Existence”.

They always mention, “seeing is believing”.

Sometimes, they are asking for “prove or evidence”.

Can you prove the “existence” of Karma?

Can you prove the “Existence of Buddha, Bodhisattva”?

“I want to see, and then only I believe.”

Look at this photo. This is the BEST explanation!

Amazing! The little bird is paying respect to Buddha. What a strong Faith!

 * I received this photo through email. My deepest gratitude to the “Unknown Photographer”.

May you be blessed for your kindness.


This bird might have been a believer of Buddha in its previous life.

Reincarnated as a bird this time, it still remembers how to pay respect to and repent in front of Buddha.

It showed a great example to remind us that Karma will follow us life after life, no way for us to escape.

We need to do our best for good deeds and never ever create any negative karma to avoid we are reincarnated in three lower realm.

2. Precious Human body

We should treasure being as a human in this life.  It’s so precious to get human body.

Be mindful of our action, speech, and thought. Follow precepts. Be diligently in the path. Practice Buddha’s teaching in our daily life.

Not to be sorry after losing this human body.

“Now that one has attained the scarcely attainable human body, And listened to the scarcely heard Dharma teachings; If this body is not used in this life to attain enlightenment,

In which life will one put this body to such use?”

Ancient Virtuous One

3. All Living beings have BUDDHA NATURE! It’s proven!

As a human, use our advanced intelligent to Love them and not “EAT” them.

Our deepest gratitude to this little bird to bring a great reminder to everybody, be awake, Live at NOW, Be diligently to learn Dharma teaching and walk towards the path of enlightenment!

It’s strengthen our FAITH toward the path of enlightenment!

May you walk the path and also your Bodhi life grows!





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