Slow down…. Enjoy life now!

Guess? Who am I?

My beautiful leaves…. So green! Look healthy!

Ready to blossom!

Beautiful yellow flower

Beautiful plant…

I look good! Full of life force!

I am the WINTER MELON! Enjoy your life!

I love gardening. I can discover a lot of beauty of life through gardening!

A new plant grows in our garden and we don’t know “What is it?”

The reason is we never sow the seed. It’s a GIFT, maybe from our compost or from birds or???

We are waited patiently for more than 2 months, only now we know is the “WINTER MELON”.

What a blessing!We enjoy the process of “waiting for an answer.”

In life, we are always “so rush/ in hurry”.

Slow down and observe


The way we are walking especially in urban city, we are walking in fast-paced, and moreover we love to talk on the phone while we are walking…

We missed out the beauty of journey.


We are rushing and speeding all the way when we are driving, just because we want to save a few minutes. Sometimes we might behave rude to others driver and we might also be in “angry mode” as we’ve been “Irritated” by others driver.

We missed the nice scenery along the way and bring negative emotional that is affecting our health. 


We love eating “FAST”, while we are eating, we keep on talking or the latest trend now, we keep playing with our phones.

We don’t know the taste of our food….


We increase our speed of talking…. In a hurry tone…

We don’t pay attention to “listen/ hear”.


To park our car as near as our destiny if possible no walking distance at all.

We don’t even give body to exercise.


We are eagerly to earn FAST money, to be RICH as young as possible.

We don’t enjoy life now, BUT only focus on accumulative wealth for future.

Just imagine, if we keep on “Rushing” in life, Are we enjoy the process of life now? Can we see the beauty of life?

Definitely, the answer is NO.

Then, ask yourself

“What do you want in life?”

“What is the purpose of life?”

“How do you spend for the “a few minutes” you’ve saved?

Slow Down & enjoy the Beauty of life!

9 responses to “Slow down…. Enjoy life now!

  1. You’re absolutely right about slowing down and enjoying life. Sometimes I rush and rush from appointment… When I’m waiting on the metro, or waiting on a friend I often find myself getting impatient and thinking of all the things I still need to do. Sometimes I have my headphones on and it keeps you from observing and enjoying the moment. at least I don’t do it when I’m out for a walk and so on.
    Btw, is it terrible that your winter melon made me think of Plants vs. Zombies? There’s a winter melon there (just Google it)

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