The story of Snail

Guess who am I?

I am the lovely snail with a beautiful shell…..

I walked very slow because the shell is too heavy….

All living beings are our teacher. If you observed them mindfulness, they are actually sharing dharma to us.

I would like to share 2 stories on “SNAILS”.

Story 1

One day, a little snail asked his mother, “Mum, why should we carry this heavy shell?”

His mum replied, “My lovely son, the shell is going to protect us.”

The Little snail asked again, “Mum, sis caterpillar has no shell but still survive very well. Why?”

Mother snail replied, “The caterpillar will transform to butterfly, she knows how to fly and the sky will protect her.”

Little snail: “okok… Then, why worms can survive well too without shell?”

Mother snail replies:” Well, Worms got protection from soils, no issue at all. For us, as a snails, We need to carry our Own shell for protection. We need to depend on ourselves for survival.”

This is a good story, we need to learn dharma by ourselves similar to if I am eating, you can’t feel full in your stomach. If you are thirsty, I am drinking water, it’s never helping you.”

There are 86,400 ways to attain enlightenment.

If you just sit here, do nothing. 


To study dharma and practice diligently by ourselves and also to attain Buddhahood by ourself.

Put effort & we’ll get the blessing!

No shortcut!

Story 2

The movement of snails are very slow. Why? It’s because he need to carry a heavy shell.

Try to think about our life, we are also carry HEAVY SHELL, right?

Our housing loan, car loan, credit card, land loan……….

We’ve being borne until we can’t  breath properly…. No Freedom at all.


YOU, yourself?

Let go your burden,  We need “LESS” in our life, not “MORE”.

“MORE” will bring more more more “Suffering” in our life..

No ending of pursuing… Is this what you want in life?

Have a simple life! Enjoy the “FOUNTAIN OF JOY”!


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