Beautiful flowers in Nalanda University Ruins, India

When you are looking at the beautiful flowers, do you ever wonder

1. Where is the flower from?

2. How many types of flowers?

3. When is the flower going to blossom?

and many more…….

Beautiful flowers can also consider as “WONDER/ MIRACLE” in the world.

Beautiful flowers can cheer up our life, it’s bring up our inner joy and happiness.

Do you have this experience?

Basically, when you look at flowers, they are actually sharing dharma with us.

1. Impermanence of life.

Showing us the good example of Birth, aged, sick and death.

The flower might look an excellent condition in the morning but might just withered at night.

Everything is changing, nothing is permanent.

How can we hold on to anything of this moment?

We must get ready, start the path of spiritual as young as possible.

No time for us to wait as we can’t predict when are we going to say good-bye…

Please note that Coffin not necessary meant for elderly people.

2. Fragrance of flowers

 To spread dharma to others like the fragrance of flowers.

Show a good example, diligently on Dharma learning, impress/ convince the people surrounding to follow Buddhist teaching.

Changes must start from our own self and not to demand changes in others.

We’ve benefited ourselves from Dharma , we would like all sentient being also benefit from dharma.

It’s our responsibility to spread the fragrance of Dharma.

3. Unshaken mind

Whether we are compliment or complain to the flower, it’s still blossom & spread the fragrance of flowers.

As a human, it’s really excellent if we can maintain our “Unshaken mind” when we receive compliment or complain from others.

Why should we be ANGRY when people complain us?

Why we need to poison ourselves daily when you are in Anger?

Why are we penalized ourself for other’s error?

Nature is sharing Dharma with us. You’ll notice it when you are at NOW.

Enjoy the beautiful flowers from Nalanda University ruins, India.


Nice Orange flowers!

Pure white and mix with purple!

Pink flowers! So nice!

Light purple…

Shocking pink! Amazing!

Nice color combination!




6 responses to “Beautiful flowers in Nalanda University Ruins, India

  1. Love this post! Thank you for following my blog! I like how one can find Dhamma in everything around us.

  2. Thank you for this post. I have read many blogs and fb posts about the ruins of Nalanda and all the visitors where shaken by the loss of that heritage, the destruction caused by ‘religious’ wars and erosion of values. What they wrote and projected further that grief and anger, your post spread love and healing, wonder and peace.

    • Our life purpose is to share loving-kindness and compassion, bring happiness and joy to others. Most important is to practice self benefit and benefit others! With metta

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