Understanding Buddhism

A lot of people misunderstanding on Buddhism, they associated Buddhism with “Superstitious”.

They thought Buddhists are praying to a statue with fruits, water, flower, Incense, light/lamp and others.

This is NOT TRUE.

There is a meaning behind Buddhist devotional practice.

Once you understand more on Buddhism, you’ll know it’s scientific, nothing link with “Superstitious”.

Buddha's statue in Mahabodhi Temple, Bodhgaya India

BUDDHA Statue/ images

 Buddhist devotees to express our reverence and gratitude to Buddha’s Dharma  teaching.

 To remind one of the qualities of Perfect Wisdom and Perfect Compassion of the Buddha.

  It’s serves to inspire us to develop these qualities as we recall the greatness of  

 the Buddha and His Teachings.


To make offering to Buddha is not because Buddha needs them or to give bribery or to please or exchange a favor from Buddha.

When you give something to Buddha, you ask for “return”. We are not doing business with Buddha.

We would like to pay our deepest gratitude and respect to Buddha and also through offering, its act to remind us on Dharma teaching.

Offering flower

Offering Flowers

 The freshness, fragrance and beauty of flowers are impermanent.

Fresh and beautiful flowers will soon become withered, scentless and discoloured.

 This reminds us of the Buddha’s teaching that all things are impermanent.
 We should value what we have now and live in the present.

(Info from Buddhanet)


Offering Light/ lamp

Offering Light 

Light symbolizes wisdom. Light drives away darkness.

 The light of wisdom dispels the darkness of ignorance.

Light also burning itself to light up the total environment.

As a Buddhist, we must learn to light up our environment through Dharma sharing.

This is our mission of life!

Offering Fruits

Offering Fruits

Please note that NOT BUDDHA want to eat the fruits.

Fruits remind us on the The law of Karmic- cause and effect. (因果).

If you plant pumpkin, you will get “WATERMELON”.

Take good care of our every second of thought.

Offering Incense

Offering Incense

When incense is lit, its fragrance spreads. Incense symbolizes the fragrance of pure moral conduct.

心香 (Fragrance in heart), we are able to share this good conduct with people around us.

Show a good example of Buddha’s Student.

Offering water

Offering Water

Please note that not Buddha or Bodhisattva are thirsty.

Water symbolizes purity, clarity and calmness.

To cleanse our minds which is full of desire, greed, ignorance, anger, arrogant & doubt to the state of purity.

The Best offering to Buddha is your sincere and pure heart.

Purified our heart, put into practice and spread the teaching of BUDDHA.

Light up the world!

May your wisdom life grow!

6 responses to “Understanding Buddhism

  1. A lovely post that explains it well. Often people ask me about praying to Buddha. Just the phrasing of the question or statement shows they do not understand. Buddha is not God, Jesus Christ, Vishnu, Mohammad or any other divine form. A Buddha would never claim to be any such manifestation. Buddha is simply a word meaning “awakened” or “the awakened one” so we can all become Buddha in that sense.

    In Western culture, Siddhartha Gotama is often thought of when thinking about Buddha but there have been many others in history. In the West, it is lost that Buddha is not a person but a state of being, a state of enlightenment. In simplistic terms, Christians life their lives today in a way to bring salvation tomorrow. Buddhist live lives seeking a better world today, with the understanding tomorrow will be better when they do.

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