Blessings from Sri Sri, Kuala Lumpur, 30 Mar 2012

It was an amazing Public talk from Guruji.

I was so blessed that I’ve a chance to listen the talk from a living master.

I was truly in peace & joy when followed the guided meditation from Guruji.

What a blissful evening!

The below teaching from Guruji gave a positive impact to me.

I hope you’ll feel the same too.

With charity, money is purified.

By Seva (service), our actions are purified.

With music, our emotions are purified

With knowledge our intellect is purified.

With yoga, pranayama and exercise,  our body is purified.

For more info on His Teaching, please access to the below link:

My observation on the event:

When we attend any talks (be it spiritual or not), concerts or events, as a basic manners and respect, we shall only leave the hall after the speaker ends his/her speech.

Unfortunately, the audience started to leave before Guruji ended his speech.

Are we really in such a hurry? What is the urgency?

To avoid traffic jam by just 10 mins earlier???

How often can we get this rare opportunity in life to listen from a living master?

Count our blessing!

Try to ask yourself, how do you feel if you are the speaker?

As a basic manners, we should stand up  and pay respect to Guruji once he has finished his speech.

Allow him to leave the hall, then only our turn.

Hope we can do it together in the next talk to pay respect to the speaker.

My deepest gratitude to the organizing committees and all seva to make this talk possible.

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has attended the talk too.

Cheers! Smile Always!

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