Bees Nest in Bodhgaya, India

Everything exists in this world for a reason but definitely is not meant for us to kill or  to eat. 

All living creature in this world share on the same space, air, land , water , Sun (Energy) & others.

All sentient beings are equal. 

The universe treasures all living beings.

Why Kill them for no reason?

I would like to show you the harmonies living between the bees & human…. 

Peaceful & joy!

Let’s do it together to protect all sentient being. 

We can make a difference. Your help is greatly needed.

Always people share with me… ok if I don’t join/ contribute/ support…

Imagine if everybody also saying the same? 

What’ll happen?

Yongey Terger Monastery, Bodhgaya, India

Do you notice the Bees nest?

It's huge, A lovely home for bees…….

They are building a second home. Peace, Harmony & Love!

The 3rd home. We can live well with all sentient being as long as we treat every being equally. Can we do it together? Please.



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