Every living creatures has love!

Today, I read a really touching article from Dailian City, Daily News in Liaoning Province, China.

The story about a little lamb to hide a knife in order to save his mother.(小羊藏刀救母)

” In the moment, the little lamb is pulled up, the worker found a knife under the little lamb’s tummy. People just wonder how the knife can be hidden underneath the little lamb. The only explanation is the little lamb wanted to prevent his mother being killed.”

I weep when I read this article.

The little lamb is teaching us on the “Filial piety “.

As a human, how ashamed if we don’t do it!

Every living creatures has love.萬物皆有情.

As such, we as a human, should protect and love them, “Do not Kill”.

Ask yourself:

Are you still want to EAT them after reading this article?

To love ourselves, all living creatures and also mother of earth –

We need to work together to promote vegetarianism.

It’s Critical now!

Showing you some photos on little lamb which I took in Bodhgaya, India.

So cute! He was enjoying his lunch happily!

The little lamb just like us…. only not so intelligent as human!
We are sharing the same planet, space, Oxygen…….

Treat him as part of your family members, for sure you love him, not kill him!

A Chinese saying: “吃人八兩,要還人一斤”,”Eat eight ounces, have to repay a pound”. Nobody can escape from Karma.


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