Amazing Chiwawa!

Buddha Nature in every living creatures! Amazing Chiwawa!

I shot this photo from the newspaper cutout which pasted on the wall when I had my lunch in one of the organic restaurant.

It’s touching my heart! I hope you too…..

Even though the picture is not so clear, BUT we can see there is BUDDHA NATURE IN ALL LIVING CREATURES.

”礼佛“, Worshiping Buddha from a Chiwawa! It’s really amazing!

How can we eat this lovely animals if they are “YOURS”?

MY Chiwawa, My cat, My dog, My Chicken, My bird, My fish, My chicken, My duck, My …..…..

When they are belong to you and you love them…..

With the power of LOVE, you are not going to eat them.

Let’s treat all animals like “My animals”…..

We can cultivate a meatless society. Let’s do it together!


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