Changes- 1st article from Brother Pang

I am so happy to receive the 1st article from my Brother Pang.

It’s really great to encourage people to start writing especially on motivation/ inspiration/ life experiences.

This is crucial to cultivate positive environment. We need it urgently NOW.

Enjoy the reading! Cheers!

Changes in every second of life! Take it positively! Picture Courtesy from Danny Bong

Adapt to changes for betterment! 

Article by VS Pang

We are always complaining when thing are not going with our desired way. But have we ever thought that it is actually another opportunity for growth, improvement, experience or whatever you can call it. 
From my personal experiences, a lot of changes been going through around me over the past 5 years. Some positive and some negative. 
Take the recent one. Moving to a new environment of personal and working life. I have been enjoying the luxuries i had, beautiful friends, decent house that many struggling to own, cars of my own choice, enjoyed doing things i loved most at free time and everything else which went moderately well.
I have to let go most of these luxuries, if not all to another environment which I have to start all over again. 
Some of my close friends foresee that I could only stand 3 months or less in this new environment. As of today, it mark exactly 2 months and I think I am still adapting well and starts to love the new environment. It was not so bad that I earlier imagined. In fact, it was way better than I thought it could be. 
Most of the time, we always think negatively in this materialistic world which consequently affect our mind. We really have to think the positive side on everything that happened around us. Or at least realizing that the situation could be even worse. 
I am sure you have friends around you who are always happy-go-lucky like he or she never have any problems in this world. Do you really think they have none? You are so wrong. They are actually the minority of the human being who has accepted who they are and look and think positive. This doesnt mean they have no drive or goal in their life. They took a better approach indeed. 
Why can’t we be like them?

Why can’t we accept things and changes around us positively and make the full out of it?

8 responses to “Changes- 1st article from Brother Pang

  1. Pang, I accept you leave me alone here.. You can pass all your luxurious to me. Hahaha.. :p Kidding bro, nice article from you. Keep it up! 🙂

  2. Bravo Pang! it shows how much you have grown from the day I met you… your article is spot on…
    like it… 😊

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