Vegetarian Fried Rice in Korea Style

We brought our mum to try the Korea BiBimbap ( Mixed vegetables with Rice). 

We loved it as it’s so healthy.

My mum is so innovative. She applied the concept from BiBimbap  in fried rice style as we don’t have  any hot stone at home. She used all organic ingredient except the korea hot pepper sauce.

 It’s so yummy too. So, I decided to share this simple meal with everybody.

Hope you can at least have one vegetarian meal per week, later per day, FOLLOW BY FOREVER!


“Human is more superior than others living being, as such we should love all living creatures.”


Sliced Organic Mushroom & Organic Bean sprout!

Beautiful color! Add in Organic cucumber & carrot!

Korea Hot pepper sauce. (You can buy any brand! The choice is on you!)

Mixed all ingredient with korea hot pepper sauce, add in organic black & white sesame & seed weed! Thumb up!

We used Basmati rice. Very high in nutrition. It's smell uniquely, little to no sugar & contain Important B vitamins, iron… It's ready good! You can try!

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