Lord Buddha’s Holy site-Vulture Peak, Rajgir

Raigir 王舍城is about 34 km from  the city of Gaya.

I am so blessed that I can visit Vulture peak (灵鹫山), the place where Prajnaparamita sutras (Heart Sutra, 心经) were taught by Buddha.

It’s really amazing as I chant “Heart Sutra” daily &  Finally, I was in Vulture peak (灵鹫山).

Unbelievable but it’s true! 

We reached there about 12 noon,  it was really hot, sunny day, the heat like skin burning. 

We need to climb up the slope at noon time (abt 45 mins to the peak).

It was not an easy task but with strong faith & determination. I succeeded.

I reminded myself,  “If Buddha can do it, we can too.”

My deepest Gratitude to Rinpoche, Khenpo & Lama for leading us to the path of pilgrimage.

We did the prayer, “Heart Sutra” & ” 10 vows of Samantabhadra Bodhisattva” at Vulture Peak.

The Blissful moment in life!

What’s else we need?

The start of journey…...

Beautiful tree!

Welcoming tree! So nice!

Hot…. Hot…. Hot….

Tibetan Prayer flags, let's the wind to carry the beneficent vibrations for all living creatures.

Beautiful stones!


You can't bring anything with you when you are dying, the only thing you can bring is KARMA. 萬般帶不去,唯有業隨身

Widen our heart to love all living creatures!

Adorable monkey!

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