Beautiful Monkeys in Mahakala Caves (Bodhgaya)

I met up with this group of lovely monkeys during our visit to Mahakala (Dungeswari) Cave, Bodhgaya.

The distance from Bodhgaya to Mahakala cave is 12 km.

Initially as the prince Gautama Siddhartha left his princely life in search of truth and peace by leading a life of fasting and asceticism, he meditated in caves. It was Mahakala (Dungeswari) cave where he realized that fasting and humiliating the flesh will not bring him enlightenment or divine knowledge.

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The monkey’s behavior is like human, they love the food we love, they love their kids, they used hand to eat, they can run, sit, stand, they love oranges, biscuits….….but only THEY CAN’T talk to us.

It reminded me on “All living creatures have the equal right as human, we can’t simply kill them.”.


Once you have the beautiful thought of not killing, you are able to be “Compassionate to others.”慈悲

Let’s build a pure land in the world!人间淨土!

I love biscuits!

Enjoying the biscuit, just like us!

Sitting like us too…...

Finished… Can i get another one? Please…..

I love mandarin oranges!

Nice! so juicy!

Hi! Buddy, can you share with me? No, go & get another one… hehe!

Must peel the oranges skin… more yummy!

See, How beautiful is my hair! Is shinning!

Mother & son! They love their baby! Same as HUMAN!



2 responses to “Beautiful Monkeys in Mahakala Caves (Bodhgaya)

  1. Most people fail to realize just how much alike we are, animals and humans. Ultimately, are the same thing; all want happiness and try to avoid suffering.

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