Vegetarian food in Bodhgaya

A lot of people keep asking me on how was the food in Bodhgaya.

No issue at all to have vegetarian food in Bodhgaya. It was better than my expectation. 

According to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), We are able to save 100 animal’s life if we can be a vegetarian in a year.

How beautiful if we can do it together! Save more  life!


“Unconditional Compassion, When people hurt, I feel the pain, When people sorrow, I feel the grief.” Apply this good thought to all living creatures.

Buddha said ” Once we’ve enjoyed all our  accumulated good merit, follow by suffering/ sorrow later”


Help ourself before it’s too late!

Vegetarian meal in flight from New Delhi to Bodhgaya!

Simple & yummy!

Vegetarian spring roll! Nice!

Vegetarian fried noodles with black pepper sauce. Taste good too!

Vegetarian fried rice. Look good!

Grass noodle in Thai style.

Fresh salad! Vibrant Color!

Peanut! Something Special!

Crispy cracker with tomato, chili… Unique & very Crunchy!

Buffet dinner- my share: mixed vegetables. Healthy & Yummy!

Superb nice steamed bun!

Vegetarian dumpling!

Fried rice with Pineapple & cashew nut! Thumb up!

Fried vegetables tempura. Very crispy!

Vegetarian Tom Yam soup!

Vada! Nice!

Vegetarian Nasi Briyani at New delhi airport! Special!

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