How blessed we are!

We are always complained on there is something lacking in our life….

We are never satisfied for whatever we have…..

Have you ever imagine how poor/ miserable a person can be?

The weather in Bodhgaya is so extreme, morning and night- So cold, about 12 degree & afternoon- Superb hot with no moisture in the air, like skin burning!

I met up with this group of unfortunate peoples in Bodhgaya.

They make me further understand on How blessed I am! I am contented.

If  we can make a decision to cut down on our extraneous expenses & channel the extra portion to the poor. We are able to bring relief to them & we need a collective effort to make a difference in people’s life.

Please note that we are unable to bring along all our wealth with us when we are dead. Our life’s value is not judged by no of digit in bank but the no of people we can help/ cherish their life.

For many years, Master Cheng Yen has promoted the idea of “be 80 per cent full and giving 20 per cent to help others”. In other words, not only do not waste nutritious food but use it to help people. “There are so many people suffering in this world that it is hard to maintain life. People with love can give a little and bring happiness to so many,” she said. 

It’s so blessed to GIVE RATHER THAN RECEIVE!


I vow that I will do my very best to help!

How about you?

Let’s do it together to reduce the misery & suffering in the world!

We can make a difference!

How blessed we've a complete body!

Waiting for help!

Superb cold in the morning, only 12 degree…..

To get warm together…..

Drinking hot water

Pretty & innocent faces!

Cute Baby! Is this his destiny?????

Little help to relieve their suffering for a moment.

Little girl, a bright future awaiting for her? What can we do to help?

Elderly peoples…. Begging for whole life span?

Dying! Superb hot in noon like skin burning…So helpless!

A poor mother & crying son!Life is so suffering!


Anybody can help me???

Mother, son & a new born baby! Anyway we can help them to change their destiny?

A naive face!

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