Mahabodhi temple in the morning

Mahabodhi (Great Enlightenment) temple is the most sacred site in Buddhism.

How I can describe MahaBodhi temple in the morning?

The air is so fresh, bird is singing happily, Beautiful trees, Blossom flowers,  can see a lot of Happy faces, quiet -no chit-chat, only chanting, Monk, nun, Prostration, prayer, well-behaved dogs, spinning prayer wheel, beautiful garden…..

all positive activities….. 

Everything in MahaBodhi temple is like  sharing Dharma with us (说法).. So blissful!

I can feel the peace, calm, joy & also the positive energy….

Whether you are Buddhist or non Buddhist, Please pay a visit to MahaBodhi Temple.

Feel the difference -Blissful!

Overview of Mahabodhi Temple...

Beautiful tree….


Beautiful garden, so green!

29th Kagyu Monlam


Prayer & Tibetan Prostration…..

Beautiful Sunrise!

Strong Faith & determination...

Beautiful tree branches!

Tibetan Prayer Wheel! People will spin while they are walking. very powerful merit field.

Life is blossom!


Holy site! Must visit again!





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