Yummy Organic Vegetarian lunch

Organic Vegetarian Pizza… Really taste good!

Kids love it…. yummy!

Look good, taste good, stay HEALTHY!

Organic Vegetarian Fried Rice…. Nutritious!

Healthy Soya Milk

Whenever we got a chance to visit Charity home, we’ll offer organic vegetarian lunch for children or old folk.

So far, we’ve received positive responses.

However, some of the person in charge has given their comments as below:

“eh…. Our children are not used to vegetarian meal……, maybe they don’t like………”

My Answer: ” Let’s give it a try, then only we can judge…….. ” 

OUR finding: Children love it…

I am very persistent on this matter, I know what is the BEST DIET for our body & we can sustain our life well without taking meat. 

Besides, this is a good opportunity for us to instill good values to children, let’s them understand that  animals feel the same pain & fear like us when we kill them and most importantly” SAVE OUR MOTHER OF EARTH”.

I still remember that the person in Charge of one of the centre has informed me, “NO MORE FRIED CHICKEN & SOFT DRINK”.

The reason is the children had enough fried chicken, soft drink & junk food.


Majority of the visitors will buy fried chicken, soft drink whenever they visit the charity home.

They thought this is the BEST meal & also the best way to show their LOVE to the children.

Thinking of the children might not have  a chance to enjoy the Fried Chicken.

Is this TRUE?

ASK yourself:

If you know there is poison, will you continue to feed yourself daily???

Human Behaviour, we never DOUBT on BAD STUFFS and VERY WILLING TO ACCEPT  it




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