The loving hens

Beautiful hens….

Working hard for chicks….

strong dedication….

Never think about herself…

Untiring effort - 21 days doing the same job….

Unconditional LOVE

The egg hatching process will take about 20-21 days.

The hen will get off the nest once a day for a few minutes up to half an hour a day to eat, drink, defecate, take a dust bath or exercise.

The great love from mother hen, they are willing to sacrifice themselves for their’s children.

Our parent will do the same thing for us.

Ask yourself: How much do we treasure our parent???

Filial piety is the duty that every Mother’s son or daughter, towards his/her parents.

Do it now when they are still “ALIVE”.

It’s meaningless to spend  a lot on your parent’s funeral as it’s too late.

Share your time, love, money with them NOW.

The meaning teaching from Master Cheng Yen:


The biggest punishment in life is “REGRET”


There are 2 things we can’t DELAY  in life – CHARITY & FILIAL PIETY



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