What food can I Take???

As a vegetarian, I received a lot of interesting questions as below:

1. Are you only  go for vegetarian restaurant?

2. How about Italian, Japanese, western, Chinese restaurant? Can you go?

3. Any food that  you can order in all this restaurant?

My answer will be:

I can go any of the restaurant.

For sure, Vegetables are available in any restaurant.

I just need to inform them No meat/ Seafood in my meal.

So simple! 

I never face any challenges to look for vegetarian food in any restaurant.

Hope this can boast up your determination to become a vegetarian.

If more people asking for vegetarian food, We strongly believe we are able to see more “Vegetarian menu” in any of the restaurant.

I had my modern Italian cruise lunch (D’italianekitchen in Jaya 33, PJ, M’sia) with my colleagues. 

This is not a vegetarian restaurant but we had ordered our vegetarian meal.

So nice of my colleagues, they are accommodated to vegetarian meal.

I am really grateful & count my blessing to have such a lovely & caring colleagues.

Share with you on nice Italian food (VEGETARIAN) photos:

House salad. So beautiful!

Colorful! So healthy…..

full of nutrients…. So delicious!

Al FunghiAglio Olio

Superb nice! Thumb up!

Beautiful spaghetti's texture…

Baked three cheese with penne in cream

Taste good too.. Luckily, we are sharing. Nice portion.

al-Funghi Pizza


Mascarpone Raspberry Crepes

Attractive color combination!

Great Dessert! Really cheer up our day…..

Caramalised Banana & Gelato

Happy Lunch! Bravo!

The above photos are all vegetarian food served in a non vegetarian restaurant.

It’s workable! All depend on you determination to decide to be or not to be a vegetarian.

No more excuses.


For your information, no meat for one meal= 780g of CO2 reduction better than

reduce air con usage by 1 hr (Based on 900 W)= 572.4g of CO2 reduction

Let’s do it together & help to reduce “MEAT CONSUMPTION”.

May you be blessed for your kindness!



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