Am so worry even mama beside me….

Dun abandon me, please…..

We bought a carry cage for Little White, easier for us to bring him out.

He is not used to it at all…. 

Everytime, when we bring him out… he is “Crying” so sad & also in a “Stand still” condition even though we keep talking to him.

Let’s talk about other animals keep in cages.

1. NO FREEDOM, since birth till death

 Animals raised for food are all keep in the cages, e.g.

Chicken, Duck, Turkey, Egg-laying hens, dairy cow, cow, sheep, pig, Cow & many more….

Just imagine if you are one of them… How’s life? 

Egg-laying hens in battery cages (courtesy of Farm Sanctuary)


Transport of animals from farm factory to slaughter-house.

The journey to HELL…..

There are no laws protecting hens while on the farm. This photo was taken by COK during their February 2005 investigation of a Maryland egg farm. For more information, see

Turkeys stacked for tranport (photo courtesy of Compassion Over Killing)

Animal Protection Institute photographed this sheep in 108° weather. (M. Engebretson, “Long Distance Transport,” Satya, Nov. 2006, p 48

Confined feeding operation of cattle in Yuma, Arizona ( courtesy of USDA NRCS).

They are trap in the little cage, overcrowded, they might face dehydration, frozen, vomit, sick,

 trampled or suffocate &…………

If you are wonder WHERE IS HELL?

Please pay a visit to slaughter-house… Listen to the “Crying & Suffering” from animals

Check out more on:

All photos are from the vegan outreach except little white’s photo.

“Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.”

Albert Einstein
letter dated 1950, quoted in H. Eves’ 
Mathematical Circles Adieu, 1977

 Think Twice before you take any meat TODAY… 

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