Yummy Home Cook Organic Vegetarian meal

I decided to be a vegetarian in Dec’10. When I shared this news with my family members, they are very supportive.

They  become vegetarian at the same time.

Even my parent (more than 65 years old), they can adapt themselves to be a vegetarian. Initially, my mum also very worry whether we can get enough nutrient. After a year, we are still doing well & mum looked even younger & more shinning. She received good compliment from my relatives during family gathering.

This even boast up her confidence level. She shared & encouraged my relatives & also my neighbor to cut down meat taking.

My deepest gratitude to my family members.

I am so blessed to have such a lovely family.

My mum is a good cook.  Shared with you some of the home cook organic vegetarian dishes.

Hope you love it.

Please take more vegetables & reduce meat taking.

This is the fastest  & most effective way to SAVE OUR MOTHER OF EARTH.

Let’s do it together and make a “Difference” by TODAY!

Braised tofu, tofu pok, mushroom, black fungus, fu chok with spice bag.

Fried Asparagus with chili paste

Fried yee mee

Vegetarian bean curd(豆根), really yummy when you dip in sesame sweet spicy sauces!

Fried cabbage with fu chok, carrot, mushroom, black fungus & bean curd.

Braised Fu chok with black fungus, ginger, bean curd (豆包), mushroom & carrot.

Home made organic steam bun with black/ white sesame. So healthy & NICE!



2 responses to “Yummy Home Cook Organic Vegetarian meal

    • Hi! No at the moment. Need to get from my mum… Which dish do you keen to cook? Will email to you! Thanks! Have a great day! Cheers!

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