Am I strong?


Am I Strong???

Am I strong???

Am I strong???

As a vegetarian, Some of the most common questions from friends regarding vegetarian diet:

Is it enough nutrient?

How could I get enough energy?

I can be hungry very fast & I’ll faint…..

Normally, I’ll give a very simple answer, What is the similarity among Elephants, Horses & Cows?

They Are VEGETARIAN & yet They are so STRONG.

Let’s talk about


Protein from nuts & seeds > 30% compared to meat

Protein from bean > 40% compared to meat

Protein from wheat > 10% compared to meat

I read from an article that the edamame (Normally, we ordered from Japanese restaurant), the protein level is much more higher than the Salmon fish

Calcium (every 100 gram of food contain of calcium)

Chicken meat (5)

Beef (8)

fish (30)

mushroom (125)

black fungal (207)

sea weed (850)

Let’s do a simple test by yourself. 

Try to take vegetables for only 1 meal.

You’ll not feel sleepy after lunch or dinner. 

Feel the difference by TODAY!

To save mother of earth, so simple, gradually change our diet from meats to vegetables.










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